We aim to retain its position as the leading manufacturer for customer's beautiful life.

About the Company

About us

About the Company About us

We have grown our business by combining a timeless
customer-centered philosophy with state-of-the-art products, utilizing the latest
in the technology. Meet the history of the MEDICON Co., Ltd.

About Us

Everlasting beauty through unrivaled technology

MEDICON, a leading manufacturer and developer of aesthetic and medical device in the field of professional and at home device. Since its foundation in 2006, MEDICON has dedicated to innovate blue light therapy at home-skin care device. In 2008, CLEANE ACNE Treatment device, hand held type of blue light therapy introduced to world market and eventually FDA cleared in Feb,2012. In 2010, MEDICON has supplied CLEANE through the tradename “CCB” and under the tradename “Thermo Active”. In Line with the Brand Growth as “CLEANE”, CLEANE RED (Red light therapy) and CLEANE PEELING has been developed.

MEDICON have a success story with our partner such as, BEAUTE CREATEURS, French company, L’Oreal S.A, Tony Moly, Green Cross and Korea Kolmar. In 2018, We introduced innovative new product ULTIGHT, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for lifting and tightening. In 2020, The ULKIN Dual ultrasound device for face and body care and it’s another innovative personal at home device is being prepared to be launched soon. MEDICON looking forwards to continuing to develop aesthetic and medical device to make our life healthier and happier.

  • 19 patented technologies registered in South Korea and overseas
  • ODM production for a popular brand
  • Export to 45 countries in Europe and Asia
  • Expanding sales channels to skin care service providers and home shopping channels


  • ultight
  • bio2 air


  • HUMANXTechnology

    People with people; humans and technology come together to create beautiful value.


    We present a new paradigm for the advanced medical device and skin care service market


    For a healthy and more beautiful life, Medicon's technology transforms your imagination into a reality.

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    Challenging / Advanced Technology / Trust / Safety / Cleanliness

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  • Home medical equipment

    Medical devices that anyone can easily use at home.

  • Home beauty equipment

    At-home care and beauty devices that use the same principles and have the same effectiveness as skin care equipment used by professionals.

  • Skin care and beauty service equipment

    Beauty equipment that can be used in beauty shops, such as skin clinics, spas, salons, Korean medicine clinics, etc.

  • Medical equipment for hospitals

    Skin medical equipment and skin beauty diagnostics equipment used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.